Seeds of Peace Vol.14 No.3 Sept.-Dec. (1998)

This issue of Seeds of Peace is devoted to Human Rights and Responsibilities. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this issue of Seeds of Peace you will find quite a variety of stories and information, not all pertaining to human rights per se, but all pointing in the same direction. Namely, all the stories in Seeds of Peace express concern at the current state of the world in terms of the upholding of human rights and the fulfillment of responsibilities, especially by the most powerful segment of society. However, expressing concern is not the full mission of the Seeds of Peace. Many of our stories speak to the possibilities and potential for redirecting the current course of global history to a more peaceful, fair and fulfilling mode of existence. Many paths are offered that can help individuals and groups learn to become more tolerant and peaceful, and when necessary, to take steps to actively promulgate this message of the possibility of a saner existence. Spirituality, or looking into world wisdom traditions for inner strength and wisdom is one path. Indeed, Seeds of Peace refers to the practice of using meditation to look at the roots of anger, and to cut off anger at the source, beginning with calm reflection. Many people around the world are experimenting with alternative communities, to look into ways society may work more fairly and inspire less discord by emphasizing community development over centralized structures. Members of the International Network of Engaged Buddhism have organized dharma walks.


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