The INEB Institute

INEB Institute for Transformative Learning

Transformative learning has been a significant focus and theme for INEB and its partners over many years. INEB is now bringing together the best “higher learning” practices from various sectors and from Buddhist traditions to create a new kind of university level learning that: a) directly responds to the real and impending crises we face due to climate change, structural inequality, and individual challenges, and b) provides tools and frameworks that allow individuals to take stock of the situation and to chart a self-chosen path forward to a humane future for everyone. The INEB Institute and partners have created and successfully run three programs for holistic and transformative learning. These include:

  1. School of English for Engaged Social Service (SENS) – SENS is a program for learning English as a tool for leadership, self-cultivation, and social transformation. This 3-month course for intermediate students takes place annually from January to April at the Wongsanit Ashram near Bangkok. Its aim is to cultivate awareness of the roots of our ecological, social, and interpersonal problems, and to help students develop the skills of self-understanding, communication, listening, mutual support, and mindful leadership that will allow us to overcome divisions and work towards peaceful, resilient societies. As of 2018, a 1-month Beginning English course and a 3-month Advanced English course are being created that will more fully support the needs of INEB’s network.
  2. Awakening Leadership Training (ALT) – ALT is a holistic learning journey that facilitates deep reflection on self, society, and our interconnections with the wider environment. It is aimed at social changemakers who seek to step into a new paradigm of leadership with wisdom, compassion, humility and confidence. The 6-month program has an integrated modular format focusing on personal and social transformation. The program emphasizes student participation in co-creating the learning process, which is participative, contemplative, analytic, and creative. The program offers Advanced Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) certification through SEM College and Gaia Education, and an MA program is in the pilot stages.
  3. Buddhist Leadership Training (BLT) – This training aims to develop a path of awakening through social activism and service by emphasizing how to harmonize work for personal growth with work for social change. Based on ancient Buddhist practices of vipassana, most effective paths and practices for social change are explored.
  4. MA in Socially Engaged Buddhism – This 1-year program is designed to examine Socially Engaged Buddhism, its ethics and traditions in the modern era through experiential learning and using an anthropological lens. It awaits an accredited university collaborator in order to be implemented.
  5. Certificate/MA in Leadership and Design of Transformative Learning – This program is envisioned as a series of intensive 2- to 4-week courses that would prepare participants to design and lead holistic and transformative programs appropriate to their own cultural, political, and linguistic contexts.


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