Seeds of Peace Vol. 39 No. 2 (July – December 2023)


In this issue we celebrate the life of Pracha Hutanuwatr who passed away on May 13, 2023. Many of you knew Pracha and are aware of his invaluable contribution to the Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation, INEB, the Spirit in Education Movement (SEM), SEM College and more, through his expansive worldview, philosophy and intrepid learning journey. Following the funeral cremation on Saturday 20 May 2023, at a forest monastery near Bangkok, more memorial services were held in various parts of Thailand and Myanmar, particularly in Mon and Kachin states where alumni of grassroots leadership courses gathered together to honor his memory.

A new book titled A Rebellious Spirit – Perspectives and Legacy of Pracha Hutanuwatr was published within 49 days following his passing. The book includes Pracha’s perspectives expressed in eleven articles that hold the kernels of lessons learned from his experiences through the years. Other sections include a short story of his life, followed by tributes from friends and organizations. The book is for sale both in hard copy and as an ebook. Please visit INEB’s website if you are interested in buying a copy. Several articles about Pracha are also in this issue. The image on the front cover represents Pracha’s essence in a painting by Myanmar artist and woodworker Maung Hla Thaung.

This issue also offers articles on various topics to interest you including one piece by our friend Sallie B. King examines whether ethnocentric, nationalists groups are engaged Buddhists, and Craig C. Lewis’s conversation with our longtime partner Jonathan S. Watts delves into engaged Buddhism in Japan which is the title of Watts’ new book (Engaged Buddhism in Japan, Volume 1, An Engaged Buddhist History of Japan from the Ancient to the Modern). We also congratulate Rajagopal P.V. as the recipient of the 40th Niwano Peace Prize. Please read the article about why he was selected and his acceptance speech – Four-fold Approach to Peace Building. INEB’s 2022 annual report highlights our work during the past year and appreciate the generous support by many of you which make this possible.

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