Sculptures of Peace: INEB joins hands with SEM in solidarity for Myanmar

To mark the 40th anniversary of INEB’s Seeds of Peace journal and third-year remembrance of the Myanmar coup d’etat in February 2021, INEB and the Spirit in Education Movement (SEM) collaborated in bringing to life an innovative sculptural art project expressing solidarity between the Thai-Myanmar people’s movements for justice and peace.

Thangka Thought 02: Vajradhara

Literally the name ‘Vajradhara’ means ‘Bearer of the Diamond or Thunderbolt’. According to an ancient text, the Khasama-tantra,

Thangka Thought 01: Vajrasattva

The name Vajrasattva means ‘Diamond mind’. Indeed, he is like the vajra (diamond, thunderbolt) [2] itself, that symbolizes the qualities of enlightenment – the diamond’s purity, brilliance and indestructibility, and the thunderbolt’s energy and power.