Thangka Thought 02: Vajradhara

Literally the name ‘Vajradhara’ means ‘Bearer of the Diamond or Thunderbolt’. According to an ancient text, the Khasama-tantra,

Thangka Thought 01: Vajrasattva

The name Vajrasattva means ‘Diamond mind’. Indeed, he is like the vajra (diamond, thunderbolt) [2] itself, that symbolizes the qualities of enlightenment – the diamond’s purity, brilliance and indestructibility, and the thunderbolt’s energy and power.

Toolkit: Nurturing the Spiritual Development of Children in the Early Years

INEB is a proud member of The Consortium, convened by Arigatou International, which brings together civil society and faith-based organizations, religious communities, multilateral organizations, academia, and individual experts to integrate values-based education and spirituality in early childhood for the protection of children from violence and the promotion of their holistic well-being.