Seeds of Peace Vol.32 No.2 May-Aug. (2016)

Our present world is characterized by continuous and new conflicts, some fueled by the misuse of religion, by tensions between communities, and by many natural and man-made disasters. In the face of these many challenges, the need for intra and inter-religious dialogue and cooperation among diverse religious societies is more critical than ever.

The Niwano Peace Prize was established to honor individuals and organizations that contribute significantly to interreligious cooperation, and to encourage similar efforts across the globe. Those honored have often worked in a self-sacrificing manner. The Prize seeks to recognize their persistent, but sometimes little recognized and appreciated, and courageous efforts to promote peace and to stir hope in the midst of violence and cynicism.

The Niwano Peace Prize is now being awarded for the 33rd time. During the past five years the Prize was awarded to three noble women and two men, reflecting the growing recognition of the role of women religious leaders in peacebuilding and peacemaking. It has been ten years since the Prize was awarded to an organization.


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