Seeds of Peace Vol.19 No.2 May.-Aug. (2003)

The war against Iraq, dubbed “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” is branded “the war to liberate Iraq” by US/UK officials and the mainstream mass media. This marks another high point in Orwellian Newspeak. Rather, we should see the war as an American invasion of Iraq, an act of international aggression in contravention of international law.

This isn’t a just war. Just no war is a much better goal, as Sulak said.

“Liberate” Iraq? Aren’t US and British troops going to “occupy” Iraq after the war. Hence some vital Iraqi infrastructures and facilities are being spared from destruction by US/UK war machines: they are needed for postwar occupation. Military occupation is called liberation? Investigative reporter Dilip Hiro has exposed the fact that US leaders plan to reshuffle the postwar Iraqi government structure, setting up 21 ministries. Each ministry will be led by an American and assisted by four Iraqis chosen by the American occupiers. As such liberation means to submit being “rescued” by the US but not self-determination.


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