Seeds of Peace Vol.19 No.1 Jan.-Apr. (2003)

The threat of the US-led war against Iraq is far from over. UN arms inspectors are in Iraq, and any minor incident may perhaps serve as the pretext for an itching and trigger happy Washington to attack Iraq-again in the name of protecting the world from Evil. Why is the same role always assigned to the same side? Who cannot miss this constancy—this racial constancy-in humanitarian interventions as well as in the ongoing war against the “axis of evil”? Many articles in this issue of Seed of Peace deal | with the situation in Iraq and the war against terrorism, as usual offering views that are off-center.

Another main issue raised in this issue is the dismal situation in Burma, and evidence of corporate complicity in human rights abuses there. If Unocal and Total, among others, are found guilty for their involvement in human rigts abuses in Burma, then both would be landmark decisions that will contribute to greater corporate accountability and surveillance: not only are states violent, global corporations are likewise.


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