Seeds of Peace Vol.1 No.2 Oct (1985)

Our first issue of Seeds of Peace was well received beyond our expectation. We were forgiven for our shortcomings, especially the very many printing errors, and we received many letters of encouragement from abroad. Some suggested that we should publish more often. A good number of individuals and institutions have already enrolled as subscribers. The publication was sold locally in many bookshops, and some of the articles were translated into Thai.

We were fortunate to receive quite a number of articles for publication. Unfortunately space limited us to printing only a few, and even then we had to abridge some of them. We decided to reprint important articles from other periodicals, and we try to stick to material concerning peace and the objectives of TICD.

Staff members at both TICD and ACFOD helped us tremendously. Many friends, both ecclesiastic and lay alike, were willing to give us any assistance we needed. It has created a really wonderful spirit, for which we are grateful.


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