New Developments in Eco-Monk Phra Sangkom’s Kok Nong Na Model Kok Nong Na Sustainable Development

Over the past year Thai monk Phra Sangkom Thanapanyo Khunsiri has made unprecedented progress in his holistic sustainable development initiative. For over 20 years now, he has been dedicating his time to social development and innovative management. It has been his life goal to give in return to the community, the environment, and to have a positive impact on the world. Having found inspiration in the Buddha’s teachings and the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and agriculture theories of the late King Rama IX, he pioneered a new strategy for water management and land use to improve farmers’ lifestyles. Kok Nong Na or New Theory of Agriculture, a theory recommended by King Rama IX ever since the 1997 Asian economic crisis, consists in dividing one’s land into proportionate parts of water founts, reelevated forested areas for horticulture, rice paddies, and living habitats.


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