Statement Concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic from International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)

The International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) is appealing all people around the world across religions and beliefs to recognize the interconnected and interdependent nature of our shared humanity during the global COVID19 crisis. This is an opportune moment to show compassion and caring as we strengthen and build social solidarity in the face of the greatest global health crisis in living memory. Although our daily lives are filled with uncertainty, we can show compassion, friendship, generosity and kindness by reaching out to others and by reaching across the many social, cultural, ethnic and religious divides that can no longer be allowed to separate us from our shared humanity.

The virus does not discriminate, but people do, and as a consequence, people are affected differently depending on their economic status, race, caste, religion, gender, and citizenship or place of birth. All of us realize how the lockdown around the world has brought the global economy to a standstill, and has put the lives of millions of the world’s poor and marginalized at great risk.

The International Network of Engaged Buddhists – INEB, based in Siam/Thailand, was formed in 1989, by a group of Buddhist thinkers and persons of other beliefs, plus social activists. INEB’s vision, mission and activities integrate Buddhist principles with social activism in order to establish a healthy, just and peaceful world.

INEB urges everyone to stand together in social solidarity at this time to confront this common threat to humanity by upholding the core beliefs that promote and support living in peace and harmony. It is only through genuine cooperation and joint action that we can save lives by minimizing social disruption and acts of discrimination; plus ensure equal access to needed resources and health care services.

INEB also appeals to all governments to end any discriminatory practices and segregation of communities and to support each community as an essential part of our shared humanity. INEB appeals to relief agencies to equitably distribute relief aid and not discriminate based on race, caste, religion, citizenship or place of birth, and gender. Additionally, INEB makes a universal appeal to maintain communal harmony and offer loving kindness to all human beings everywhere.

INEB is responding specifically by:

  • Calling for an end to policies that inflict suffering on vulnerable and marginalized groups and encouraging action to provide immediate and long-term support to these groups
  • Forming an emergency response fund as a resource to help the most vulnerable groups in affected countries in INEB’s network
  • Developing a long-term plan for the sustainability of a more just and compassionate post COVID19 world

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Visit site Buddhistdoor Global (BDG) INEB Issues Public Statement for a Compassionate Global Response to the Coronavirus Crisis

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