Seeds of Peace Vol.7 No.1-Vol.8 No.3 1991-1992

As the new year begins, we are busy preparing for the 3rd International Conference of INEB, to be held in February near Bangkok, and much news is reaching us regarding our continuing concerns in the local area of Asia and other, international events as well.

The INEB 3rd Intemational Conference will be taking place February 21-23, 1991 at Nakorn Pathom, with a pre-conference seminar February 16-20 which is being organized under the survision of Paula Green. This will be held at the Ashram for Life and Society outside of Bangkok, Tho details of this seminar sent out earlier are largely, incorrect-sorry!! Following the conference an exposure trip is being organized to travel to the Burmese border to witness the situation there and meet with those resisting the SLORC government, and an exposure trip to India is also being organized.


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