Seeds of Peace Vol.5 No.2 May (1989)

From January onward TICD have been collaborating with the Santi Pracha Dhamma Institute actively in holding an Engaged Buddhist Conference in Uthaidhani and a Siamese Buddhist Muslim dialogue in Songkhla. In our small way, we are also trying to help our friends who suffer in our country as well as in Tibet, Burma, Combodia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Outside Siam, some of TICD members went with other leading Buddhists to visit Sri Lanka, to attend the World Conference on Religion and Peace in Australia, the Asian Active Nonviolence team meeting in Bangladesh, Buddhist-Christian dialogue in USA, and an Asian Cultural Forum in Japan.

Since TICD are under the umbrella of the Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation, we are glad to hold photographic exhibitions on life and work of the late Phya Anuman Rajadhon (Young Sathirakoses) in India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Napal, Sri Lanka, France, England, USA and Japan. Some of us went to give lectures on some aspects of Siamese cultures too. Phya Anuman’s work has already appeared in Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, German and Sinhalese as well as in Hindi and three Nepalese languages. Last year, we have already held similar exhibitions in Australia, Korea and Malaysia—not to mention that many provinces took part in symposia, and exhibitions within the kingdom. We hope exhibitions like this will be held later on in China, Mongolia, Poland, Singapore, Vietnam, Lao, Hong Kong and Bhutan.


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