Seeds of Peace Vol.36 No.3 Sep-Dec (2020)

In response to the high levels of suffering among the poorest and most marginalized communities in South and Southeast Asia, the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) has set up a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. As of this printing. INEB has awarded funds to 15 organizations in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and Nepal, that are providing emergency relief in local communities.

The initiative has directly benefited approximately 26,500 people including marginalized persons, Dalits, persons displaced by armed conflict, people who lost their livelihoods, and children at risk of gender-based violence living in camps in western Myanmar. The relief activities primarily focus on providing food, hygiene and sanitation supplies and activities, counseling COVID-19 awareness campaigns, and information to protect children from sexual violence. We thank all our friends and partners for their generous support which has made the Mindful Action emergency response possible.


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