Seeds of Peace Vol.34 No.3 Sep-Dec (2018)

Thank you for your interest in the third and final issue for 2561 (2018), which contains a constellation of articles and other writings for you.

In Ajarn Sulak’s cover story entitled The True Human: The Path to Morality in Human Society, he wrote about how fortunate he was that his first kalyanamitta – virtuous companion – which was his father. Ajarn Sulak said that his father always treated him like an adult, and “laid the groundwork for the development of moral courage in me, especially the capacity for fearless speech and empathy for other people.” His article emphasizes that mental training guides moral training and contributes to the understanding of the causes of suffering. Ajarn Sulak’s article is the speech he gave on 23 June 2018, at the Jee Jin Foundation, Bangkok, commemorating their 60th anniversary.

Our friend, Craig Lewis, conducted an in-depth interview with Venerable Pomnyun Sunim of South Korea, which is most inspiring and provides insight in to his personal journey and beliefs. Through Lewis’s thoughtful questions, Venerable Sunim shared how one day near the end of a school year a monk challenged him by asking the provoking questions: Where did he come from?, and Where was he going? Then “Suddenly, the monk shouted at him asking: ‘Well why are you so busy if you don’t even know where you’re from or where you’re going?!” These questions reached before his birth and after his physical death and send him on the path of self-discovery and of understanding human suffering.


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