Seeds of Peace Vol.34 No.2 May-Aug (2018)

This issue marks the 50th year since the SathirakosesNagapradipa Foundation (SNF) was founded by Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa and has served as one of the bastions of knowledge and critical and alternative thinking in Thai society.” As Surasee Kosolnawin, our dear friend and SNF Chairman, writes, “SNF has continuously carried out numerous activities and projects even in periods of political turmoil.” It has promoted activities that are often widely accessible, deeply humane, and avant garde. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness serve as it north star.

We recognize that SNF’s contributions to building a vibrant civil society throughout Siam are reaching second and third generations of people at all levels beginning at the grassroots. Its constancy and commitment has been passed from generation to generation. Seeds of Peace provides information about many activities that take place through SNF’s organizations and projects. We celebrate with SNF as we continue to swim against the mainstream and join hands in solidarity with others in the struggle for social justice.”


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