Seeds of Peace Vol.33 No.1 Jan-Apr. (2017)

The four of us share in the profound grief experienced by the millions of Thai subjects around the world. There are no words to express the unfathomable depth of the loss that we feel in our hearts. We not only mourn the loss of our beloved King, but we also grieve for the passing of our own grandfather.

His Majesty sheltered and cared for his beloved subjects throughout his reign. As his grandchildren, we felt His Majesty’s love and warmth every day of our lives. It is with a sense of utmost gratitude that we now recall all that His Majesty has provided for the people of Thailand. We pray that Lord Buddha blesses His Majesty and grants His Majesty peace and comfort in the highest heaven.

May our father be imbued with the strength, wisdom, and love to guide his subjects towards an era of peace and prosperity. Long live the King.


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