Seeds of Peace Vol.32 No.3 Sep-Dec. (2016)

We at INEB have decided that in the spirit of knowing each other’s traditions well, we should assemble a comprehensive list of 100 of the most important books on Buddhism that includes at least three titles from each country/regional form of Buddhism. These titles can be canonical, they can be contemporary and/or they can even be works of fiction such as novels. Ideally, after collecting the list of titles, we would like to begin raising funds to be used in each of your countries for translating these titles into your respective languages. We would like every one of these books available in each language so that every Buddhist in his/her country – especially the younger generations – can have access to sufficient knowledge about the various extant Buddhist traditions.

Below are a few titles from Siam that we have selected for the list to share with you: Constitution of Living By P.A. Payutto – A wonderful handbook on Buddhism aimed at those new to Buddhism but relevant to the seasoned practitioner.

Buddha-dhamma By P.A. Payutto – Magnum opus on the core teachings of the Buddha based on the sutras. Teaching Dhamma by Pictures By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu – A book relevant and accessible to all levels of understanding combining illustrations with key Buddhist lessons.


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