Seeds of Peace Vol.32 No.1 Jan-Apr. (2016)

The recent period has been a very active one for INEB, and upcoming months will likely be equally so. One notable event over the past few months has been INEB’s participation, along with the Inter-religious Climate and Ecology (ICE) network, in the climate change meetings in Paris known as COP21. INEB led a meditation session at one of the venues, and joined in talks and activities with other interfaith leaders. INEB’s participation is one indicator of a growing presence of faith-based groups around the world in pressuring for genuine action on climate change.

INEB also played a leading role in organizing and hosting a major public speaking event by Sogyal Rinpoche on “The Art of Living and Dying” in Bangkok on December 19. In a packed auditorium at Thammasat University, Sogyal Rinpoche brought an engaging talk to conclusion with a beautiful description of the death of his aunt, who was widely known for her humility and profound knowledge of the Dhamma.

We are now energetically completing the organizing for what will be a really excellent biennial conference in Sri Lanka from 22 to 28 January 2016, entitled “Converging Streams: Engaging for Holistic Development – An Interfaith Dialogue for Peace and Sustainability.


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