Seeds of Peace Vol.31 No.2 May-Aug (2015)

We have been very saddened by the injuries, loss of life, and destruction caused by the major earthquakes that shook Nepal in April and May of this year. From our members and affiliate organizations in Nepal we have learned that official government policies have sometimes created obstacles for delivery of aid, and that certain groups, such as indigenous Buddhist communities, have often been overlooked by official agencies. This has made the grassroots organizing and relief efforts of our affiliates and members, often led by local monastics, more crucial than ever in getting aid to those who need it most. The relief work is urgent and ongoing, and much long-term assistance will be needed for rebuilding.

INEB is proud to have assisted in organizing the second successful international conference of the Inter-religious Climate and Ecology Network (ICE), which took place in South Korea this year. The themes of climate change, sustainability, and resilience brought together participants and speakers from 25 countries from the 24th of April to the 2nd of May. The conference was an important step forward in networking, sharing of information, and planting the seeds of collaboration between very diverse communities of faith from around the world. For further information, readers can look forward to a full report in the next issue of Seeds of Peace.


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