Seeds of Peace Vol.31 No.1 Jan-Apr. (2015)

I have now served the INEB network for almost 5 years. I hope that my contributions to the network, and to meeting the needs on the ground, have made for positive results in at least some areas. This issue of Seeds of Peace marks the second year that I have performed another role within INEB, that of editor of the newsletter. I hope that my contributions as editor too have been useful to you, the readers. Editing is very new to me and I try to do my best. At the same time I acknowledge that there are still a lot of things that can be improved. Toward that end, may I ask for your suggestions, critiques, and comments on how we can improve the newsletter? Please send feedback to [email protected].

We are now focusing the work of the network office more on fostering interfaith peace and harmony. This coming March, on the 3rd and 4th, we will be holding an International Forum on Buddhist-Muslim Relations, which we refer to for short as the Buddhist-Muslim Forum (BMF). This will be a high-level summit of Buddhist and Muslim Leaders, organized by Muhammadiyah, Religions for Peace, International Network of Engaged Buddhists, and International Movement for a Just World, at Borobudur Temple, Megalang, Central Java, Indonesia. This is a continuation of the activity that we recently completed in November during the INEB AC/ EC Meeting in Myanmar, where we held a Public Forum on Social Harmony in Mandalay.


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