Seeds of Peace Vol.3 No.2 May (1987)

This issue is primarily devoted to a recent symposium on “Buddhism and Peace: Seeking a Peaceful Solution to the Present Conflict in Sri Lanka” which took place in Bangkok beween February 21-28. I was engaged as a coordinator and reporter,” and so it became my kamma to review the materials from this symposium and help to construct this issue of Seeds of Peace-it has been a pleasure and education. I wish to thank all symposium participants, but I want to especially thank all of the Sri Lankan monks and laity for their assistance and patience in taking time to explain the often painful issues that are so crucial to them at the moment. For this guest editor, the symposium on “Buddhism and Peace” served.

The issues, as they are presented here, may seem a bit skewed or one-sided, as most of the participants were speaking from a Buddhist perspective; the future aims of this symposium, however, go well beyond this to include contact and dialogue with other parties involved in the conflict. It is our hope that this issue of Seeds of Peace will help readers to become more aware about some of the history of the conflict, some of the current issues at stake, as well as the kinds of hopes and exchange generated by the symposium.


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