Seeds of Peace Vol.3 No.1 Jan (1987)

To take part in celebrating the International Year of Peace, TICD. has asked the Coalition for Peace and Development to edit the last issue of the year of Seeds of Peace. This will be a special issue on Thai peace initiatives.

The Coalition for Peace and Development is a joint effort of many Thai NGOs and concerned people to carry out the campaign on peace and development. Throughout the year 1986, 12 activities were promoted to stress the important role of peace amidst the violence of society. It was a year of hard work planting the seeds of peace in the minds of people, to spread it from one heart to the next, from one mind to the other. It is peace that brings us together, that unites those from different parts of the world, who are different in belief, thinking, ideology, and lifestyle. We believe that these bridges of peace will enhance love and harmony throughout the world.


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