Seeds of Peace Vol.29 No.1 Jan-Apr. (2013)

Sulak Sivaraksa has edited Seeds of Peace since its beginning, in collaboration with others. But
later other names had to be deleted from the editorial board, as the dictatorial regime of Siam,
despite its democratic reforms, threatened to put the editor and his assistants in jail for lese majeste.
The regime also used psychological warfare towards relatives of those on the editorial board to
fear for their safety. Even S.S himself was charged with lese majeste quite a number of times. He
was finally acquitted on 12 July 2011.
Sulak Sivaraksa has now reached the age of eighty, and feels it is time to relinquish his editorship of
Seeds of Peace. Since Somboon Chungprempree has become secretary-general of INEB, it is
appropriate to ask him to co-edit this issue. From the next issue, he will be the sole editor.


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