Seeds of Peace Vol.26 No.2 May.-Aug. (2010)

Currently, quite a number of foreign journalists have been in touch with the editor/publisher, interviewing him for his opinion on the Thai Monarchy and the law of lese majeste. They are from Turkey, Sweden, Australia* and Japan-mostly for television. The editor himself is being charged for lese majeste on the following:

1) His interview in Fa Deaw Kan (Same Sky magazine) Vol. 3 No.4 October – December 2005 (2548) which appears in English in Sulak Sivaraksa’s Rediscovering Spiritual Values: Alternative to Consumerism from a Siamese Buddhist Perspective pages 152-168. “Having a Monarchy Is Less Costly Than a Presidency”.

2) As editor/publisher of Seeds of Peace Vol. 21 No. 1 January – April 2005 (2548) with an article on “Revenge of the Forgotten Monarch: The True Sequel to the King and the Land of Smile.” The police have submitted the case to the public prosecutors to charge Mr. Sulak Sivaraksa at the Criminal Court. The date fixed at the court is 18th May 2010.

3) Mr. Sulak’s lecture at Khonkaen University on human rights on 11th December 2008.

We have heard no more of cases no. 1 and no. 3. As to case no. 2, there is a rumor that it may be dropped.


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