Seeds of Peace Vol.23 No.2 May.-Aug. (2007)

We are sad to note the passing away of Somdej Phra Maha Ghosananda, one of our patrons. The late Somdej of Cambodia became INEB’s patron after the demise of Bhikkhu Buddhasa in 1992. We are happy that we still have two patrons with us: His Holiness the Dalai Lama is unfortunately not allowed to visit Siam – a Buddhist kingdom. However Thich Nhat Hanh will be in this country from May 19-31 delivering special lectures in Bangkok and a long spiritual retreat in Chiang Mai. Venerable Kusalacitto has now agreed to be our new patron, so there is no vacancy from the Theravada tradition.

Those friends who passed away are recorded in our obituaries section except Ray Downs, who played a very active role at the Students Christian Center in Bangkok. He was indeed a pioneer in guiding his successors to collaborate with young Buddhists, for social justice and freedom during the dictatorship of the 60s which led to the 1973 nonviolent uprising and ended military rule for some years. Unfortunately military rule seems to have returned to us again as of September 19 last year.


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