Seeds of Peace Vol.22 No.2 May.-Aug. (2006)

This year, the Thai government agrees to celebrate Bhikkhu Buddhadasa’s centenary (27th May) nationwide and internationally. The government also intends to organize a big festival to mark the diamond jubilee of H.M. the King’s ascension to the throne (9th June). Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, the Prime Minister, personally wants to carry both events under his leadership. However, he has no vision for cultural or spiritual depth. Besides he has no moral legitimacy to lead the country. Both national activities will carry no meaningful message to the next generation. Even to most people who really care for the revered monk and King, the events will be a waste of public money without any dhammic essence.

As for Bhikkhu Buddhadasa’s centenary, we at INEB will organize workshops, meditative gatherings etc. among Buddhists and with those of other living faiths and nonbelievers for social awareness to bring about peace and justice as well as environmental balance in our small ways within the kingdom and abroad by cooperating with many friends and organizations. This will be reported in Seeds of Peace as well as on our website (


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