Seeds of Peace Vol.21 No.1 Jan.-Apr. (2005)

Seeds of Peace is now on its 21st year of existence. In the past two decades we have stood for the poor and the oppressed, especially in Asia. We have been seeking for alternatives to the mainstream of economism and consumerism. We try to build the culture of awakening from greed, hatred and delusion. Our path is non-violent and our goal is peace with justice and environmental balance. We support good people and good movements. We collaborate with good friends ecumenically through our various activities and organizations—be it Spirit in Education Movement (SEM), International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) and Wongsanit Ashram, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last December. All these organizations are under Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation which also celebrates its 35th anniversary of existence.

In the last issue, we honoured Rama IV. In this issue, we commemorate Rama VIII.

In this issue we honor three men of humble origin for their natal centenaries. One from Laos, Sila Viravong and two from Siam-Direk Jayanama and Kularb Saipradit. We are pleased to point out an outstanding Thai woman, too: Wanna Thappananon, better known by her pen name of Sridaorueang, in the tradition of Sri Burapha, the pen name of Kularb Saipradit. She is only sixty one years old, yet her fiction and short stories have two English titles already: Married to the Demon King, translated by Susan F. Kepner, and The Citizen’s Path edited by Jakkrit Siririn.


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