Seeds of Peace Vol.16 No.3 Sept.-Dec. (2000)

July has been a very eventful and turbulent month. The good news is that the first phase of the Ariyavinaya meeting has been quite a success. It will facilitate the working of second phase of the meeting—no doubt a major event as His Holiness the Dalai Lama will preside over it. This meeting is tentatively scheduled for the end of the year.

See the special report on the Ariyavinaya meeting for more detail. The bad news is that the ‘democratic’ Thai government has once again revealed its ugly, elitist, callous, and undemocratic face when dealing with the Pak Moon dam demonstrators.

We are not accusing the government of hypocrisy for it has been consistently hypocritical. For weeks, many Pak Moon villagers have camped out in front of the government house and engaged in non-violent demonstrations. Tired of government indifference for their plight, many attempted to break in the government house in order to meet the prime minister.


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