Seeds of Peace Vol.15 No.2 May.-Aug. (1999)

When the world seems like a never-ending conundrum of chaos and lack of compassion it can be hard at times to be a social activist. It can also be very hard to be a person born into the regions, which are dominated by violence and lack of human rights, a person well indoctrinated into the creed that money is all. The fact that we all share in this suffering is what might be helpful to notice or meditate on. When I feel depressed about the state of the world as I often do when going over the reports we receive for inclusion in Seeds of Peace, I often wonder why we should try to do anything, it seems bleak. But then I think about where it is I might go to escape suffering, think about all of the avenues people may take. None will or can be satisfactory, even on a common sense level they all end up in further misery.


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