URGENT APPEAL for Humanitarian Relief to support Buddhist Monks and Nuns in Myanmar’s Political Movement Against Military Dictatorship

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This is an urgent appeal for humanitarian assistance by the Thailand-based International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) and the US-based Clear View Project to support Buddhist monks and nuns in Myanmar! Many Buddhist monks and nuns have taken the leadership in front line of the civil disobedience protests, as ordinary people continue to be arrested, killed, while many others are in hiding. Their leadership continues the pressure to end military dictatorship, build a new federal democratic state, and provide justice for the people of Myanmar.

At this time, monks and nuns are not generally being targeted by the military, yet some key monks have been arrested, unlawfully detained, and injured. All need humanitarian relief funds for food, blankets, medical assistance, help their families to visit them in prison, and legal counsel. An estimated 20 monks would benefit greatly by receiving 3,000 USD each to help them. As of this writing, no nuns have been arrested.

Second, an estimated total of 1,000 monks and nuns urgently need funds to support their participation as non-violent protester leaders in the civil disobedience movement. Many of them are in hiding. Donating 100 USD to each of the monks and nuns would help to meet their essential needs including food, first aid, legal counsel, SIM cards, transportation and more.

This humanitarian crisis began on February 1, 2021, when the Myanmar military unconstitutionally seized power and detained democratically elected members of government, including president U Win Myint and state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Within three days after the unlawful military coup, millions of people in Myanmar including Buddhist monks and nuns took to the streets, peacefully protesting against military rule as they refuse to be dragged back to the days of disappearances, forced labor, and torture of previous military governments.

Protesters have turned out in millions across the entire country. Hundreds of thousands of people—an estimated three quarters of all government employees—have walked off their jobs, as an attempt to bring the government to a standstill and force the military to relinquish control. They have been joined in solidarity by millions of nurses, students, workers and citizens in a massive general strike movement.

The violent response of the military against peaceful un-armed protesters has caused an estimated 750+ deaths, injured countless persons, and detained more than 4,400 persons as of April 26, 2021. Sadly, the death toll and number detained is estimated to be higher, according to the Thailand-based Assistance Association of Political Prisoners.

Your support will be greatly appreciated by the people of Myanmar and the Buddhist monks and nuns as they continue the non-violent struggle against military dictatorship.

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Frequently ASked Questions


The International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) collaborates with verified partners, both individuals and organizations on the ground to distribute funds to those in need. INEB has been working inside Myanmar for more than 25 years through grassroots initiatives. Our partners are from locations throughout the country which helps to ensure that many people have access to support.

In order to protect our distribution partners for Myanmar we are unable to name them publicly.


The fund will support humanitarian emergency relief by providing resources to those who joined the civil disobedience movement. For most, this means food, first aid and medical supplies, protective gear from COVID-19 and tear gas, SIM cards, legal assistance, shelter, and transportation among other priorities.

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Clear View Project is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization based in Berkeley, California. A partner organization within the International Network of Engaged Buddhists, the Clear View Project has worked extensively on humanitarian projects throughout Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India. Clearview Project has been actively supporting projects in Myanmar since 2007. Clearview Project is overseen by Hozan Alan Senauke, working in close collaboration with a global network of socially engaged Buddhists.

About INEB

INEB is not affiliated with any political party or organization. In 1989, INEB was established in Siam (Thailand). Over the years the network has expanded to include members, both individuals and organizations, from more than 25 countries across Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. From this diverse member base, an understanding of socially engaged Buddhism has emerged which integrates the practice of Buddhism with social action for a healthy, just, and peaceful world. INEB operates as an autonomous organization under the Sathirakoses-Nagapradeepa Foundation (SNF), Thai NGO, established 1968.

WHAT PERCENTAGE OF DONATIONS GOes TO supporting the Humanitarian Emergency response?

Administrative costs of seven percent (7%) including bank charges will be applied to all donations. NO donated money goes to operating costs, salaries, etc.


Donating to INEB via Bank Account
Your donation can be transferred to INEB’s bank accounts as follow:
Bank name: Siam Commercial Bank Plc.
Branch: Charoen Nakorn
Bank address: 674 Charoen Nakorn Road, Banglumpulang,
Klong San, Bangkok 10600 Siam (Thailand)
Account type: Savings
Account number: 024-2-62146-8
Account name: INEB (by Sathirakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation)

Donations to INEB can also be made through PayPal 

INEB Contact Information:

Email:  INEB Secretariat – [email protected]

INEB address:  666 Charoen Nakorn Road, Bang Lamphu, Klong San, Bangkok 10600 Thailand

INEB website:  https://inebnetwork.org/; https://inebnetwork.org/engagements-humannitarian-reliefsupport-buddhist-monks-and-nuns-in-myanmars-political-movement-against-military-dictatorship/

Donations through Clear View Project can be made by check or by Paypal

and are fully tax-deductible for donors in the U.S.  Please see this page on the Clear View website for links and full information:  https://www.clearviewproject.org/support/

Or email to: [email protected]

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