As COVID-19 continues to pose grave risks, we have decided to postpone IYBP’s full program until 13-29 June 2021. Please save the date!

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For 2020, IYBP will, instead, hold a short online program on Saturday 3 October 2020. All accepted applicants for 2020 as well as alumni from 2019 will be invited to participate. Additionally, participants from within Taiwan will be invited to Hongshi College to partake in the activities on Saturday 3 October.  More details will be sent to participants in September.

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International Young Bodhisattva Program 國際青年菩薩會議
202010 3


Oct 3

 – 8:30 Taiwan-based participants arrive 國內學員抵達弘誓學院

 – 9:00 Learn Cooking with Hongshi College向弘誓學院學廚藝

 11:30 Lunch 午餐


Online Program 線上活動 12:30-17:30

 – 12:30 pm All Participants Sign onto Zoom for Tech Test & Meeting Orientation


 – 12:45 Hongshi College’s Ven. Chaohwei: Welcome Remarks弘誓學院的釋昭慧開幕

 – 13:00 Dr. Yo Hsiang-chou: What’s Special About Engaged Buddhism in Taiwan?

游祥洲博士: 入世佛教在台灣有什麼特質?

 – 13:30 International Women’s Partnership for Peace and Justice’s Ouyporn Khuankaew:

What Does Power-Sharing Look Like? Youth Leadership Development

泰國國際婦女和平與正義共享計畫Ouyporn 老師:

如何分享社會上的權利? 青年領導力的重要性

 – 14:00 BREAK 休息


– 14:10 Small Group Discussion 分組討論

How is your understanding of & practice of religion/spirituality different than (or similar to) your family’s?


– 14:45 Small Groups Report Back 各個小組分享


– 14:55 Venerable Jianjie of Xiang Kuang Mountain Temple:

Meditation to Cultivate Compassion in response to the Impacts of COVID-19

香光山寺的見杰法師: 因應疫情,修慈心禪修慈心禪


– 15:25 Example of Buddhist Engagement in Taiwan: 佛教如何入世: 在台的案例

Great Compassion Buddhist Institute:

How Do We Think About Death & Prepare for It? What Role does Buddhism Play?

大悲學苑: 佛教怎麼看待死亡? 對於臨終關懷可以做如此的貢獻?


– 15:55 INEB Executive Commitee Member Vidyananda:

Post-COVID, What am I Concerned & Excited About: Trends in Technology & the Economy

馬來西亞的INEB執行委員 Vidyananda: 新冠病毒後的新常態: 經濟與科技上的趨勢


– 16:25 BREAK 休息


– 16:35 Small group discussion 分組討論

How are the challenges your generation faces different than your parents? What kind of engaged spirituality is needed now vs. before?

與父母輩相比,您這一代面臨的挑戰有何不同? 和以前相比,現在需要什麼樣的方式入世以及解決社會面臨的各種問題?


– 17:10 Small Groups Report Back 各個小組分享


– 17:20 INEB Executive Secretary Somboon Chungprampree:

New Directions for INEB & Closing Remarks

INEB 執行秘書張莊錦秋介紹INEB新發展的方向以及結尾


– 17:30 Dinner 晚餐


– 19:00 Optional Evening Activity 非正式的晚上活動

Creative Presentations from Young Bodhisattva presentations: 青年菩薩的藝文分享

You are invited to share more about yourself, your culture, and your talents with us!

5 min each, include 1 takeaway from the afternoon


– 20:00 Rest 休息


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Oct 4

– 7:00 Breakfast 早餐

– 9:00 Depart 離開弘誓學院


Doreen: Meeting Moderator會議主持人:王立瑜

I will provide a meeting orientation, introduce schedule & all speakers, announce breaks, & field questions. Anyone can send questions to me directly or I will monitor the group chat for questions. 



Notes for Presenters: 講師注意事項

1) By September 30, please register for the Zoom meeting and test out the Zoom software & your internet connection. Zoom will automatically record this meeting. Please let us know if you have any problems with this.

煩請於9月30日之前,註冊Zoom的會議軟件,並測試軟件和您的網路連結速度,Zoom將自動記錄該會議。 如果您對此有任何疑問,請即時告知我們。

2) You are welcome to join us for the full schedule on Oct 3, but at the very least, please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled presentation time & plan to be with us for a total of 35 minutes.


3) For your presentation, I recommend presenting for 20 minutes and leaving 5-10 minutes for Q&A. Of course, very open to other ideas and formats! Please talk to me about any updates/changes to your ideas/plans by latest 9/30.  If you would like to prepare a PPT, please also send this to me by latest 9/30.



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