INEB Biennial Conference 2016

Converging Streams : Engaging for Holistic Development An interfaith Dialogue for Peace and Sustainability January 22 - 28, 2016 @Colombo & Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

Engaged Buddhists by AurorasEyeFilms

INEB brings together Buddhist and non-Buddhist based organizations around the world to share resources and to support each other's healing work in the world. The network also links activists, spiritual leaders, academics, and young people in areas of common concern....

Sombath Somphone: Lao Development Visionary Speaks

Sombath Somphone worked for 30 years to promote sustainable development through training and educating young people in Lao PDR. In 1996, he founded Participatory Development Training Center (PADETC), which he headed until mid 2012. In 2005, he received the Ramon...

INEB AC&EC Meeting in Japan: NEW VIDEO?

? INEB Yokohama Conference from Andrew W Arnold ? INEB Yokohama Conference from Andrew W Arnold on Vimeo. INEB - International Network of Engaged BuddhistsAC and EC Conference, November 2012At Kodo Kyodan Buddhist Fellowship in Yokohama, Japan Video and Edit Andrew...

Being With Dying

filmed/edited by Sara Nesson This is a phenomenal short giving us a glimpse of the Contemplative End of Live Care retreat for which Roshi Joan Halifax and Upaya are famous. 00:07:41 Added on 7/7/2007

Our Life Is Like Our Breath

Our Life Is Like Our Breath?  ... like the growing and falling leaves  A film by Hartwig Rohrmann This documentary film describes in detail the daily life in the international forest monastery, Wat Pah Nanachat in Thailand. In this story, the viewer comes to...

Walk for Peace

Thai Buddhists march from Wat Mai Sai Thong in Sa Kaeo on Visaska Bucha Day to greet a Buddhist group from Cambodia at the Thai-Cambodian Friendship Bridge that links the countries. The pilgrims believe dharma can bring a peaceful solution to the border conflict...

Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace : A Buddhist Vision for Renewing Society.

The international magazine, Seeds of peace is published thrice annually in January, May and September, in order to promote the aims and objectives of the Thai Inter-Religious Commission for Development (TICD) and the Spirit in Education Movement (SEM) as well as the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB). In order to subscribe a $50/year donation is suggested. Personal checks from the UK, US, and Euro are accepted.

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 Vol.33 No.2 May-August. 2560 (2017)