“We have to liberate each other and ourselves. We can do this because we have a love a life. It is calling us in all our converging streams through the teachers of the main religions. I see structural violence as a way to address if we speak together that we are all victims and we are all accountable. It is the work we are born to do.” — Joanna Macy

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World Future Council World Future Forum 2017

The Bregenz Declaration - A Call to our Collective Consciousness 2 April 2017 We, the World Future Council commit to take action for systems change. If you, like us, believe this time of breakdown is and can be a time of breakthrough; if you are willing to commit...

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Govt Bans U Wirathu from Preaching Sermons

Burma’s infamous nationalist Buddhist monk U Wirathu was banned from delivering sermons across the country for one year, starting from March 10, due to his religious hate speeches. The decision was made at a special meeting of the country’s 47 senior Buddhist monks...

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What a Buddhist Monk Taught Xi Jinping

ZHENGDING, China — In 1982, two men arrived in this dusty provincial town. One was Shi Youming, a Buddhist monk who was taking up a post in the ruins of one of Zhengding’s legendary temples. The other was Xi Jinping, the 29-year-old son of a top Communist Party...

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    When the nation began mourning King Bhumibol after his death late last year, several dozen robed women entered the long queue to pay their respects at the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall where his body lay in state. They were led by Dhammananda, who was...

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