“We have to liberate each other and ourselves. We can do this because we have a love a life. It is calling us in all our converging streams through the teachers of the main religions. I see structural violence as a way to address if we speak together that we are all victims and we are all accountable. It is the work we are born to do.” — Joanna Macy

How to Support INEB

You can extend your support in terms of donation. Members will receive INEB’s magazine Seeds of Peace as a token of thanks and as a way to communicate with our network. You will also be invited to join INEB activities and programs.


English program in January 2018

The INEB Institute is coming to the peak of an online campaign to raise funds so that two students can join our English program in January 2018. Annisa Hasanah is a recent graduate of Universitas Indonesia, who will be working with a well-known Indonesian conservation...

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