the 2nd INEB East Asia Forum Seoul 

“Life and Peace in East Asia”

27-29 June 2013, Seoul , Korea

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 

Arrival of Participants from Japan and Taiwan
Accommodation: High-One-Village (see end of the agenda) 



Thursday, June 27, 2013 (1st Day)

(with simultaneous translation from 9 a.m. to 17.40 p.m.)

Detailed Timing


Morning Service (In the Conference Hall)


Registration & Tea or Coffee


Opening Ceremony (with welcoming addresses and congratulatory messages):

Yi Sudok, Jeong Gyeongyeon, Shojun Okano, Hsiang-Chou Yo, Park Gwangseo


(Session leader: ooo)

Opening Session : “Realising the Buddhist Values of Life & Peace”

Japan:  “3.11 and Thereafter” (Rev. Shojun Okano)
Taiwan: “Key to the Success of Taiwanese Buddhism”  (Dr. Hsiang-Chou Yo)
Korea:  “Women in the Korean Buddhist Community” (Prof. Jeong Gyeongyeon)
Gimpo Immigrants Center: “Life of Foreign Buddhists in Korea” (Chakma Ronel)
Korea:  “Realising the Values of Life & Peace in Buddhism”   (Dr. Yi Sudok)


Photo Time


Lunch (individually in neighboring restaurants)


(Session leader: ooo)

Session 1 : The Nuclear Issue and the Environment

Korea: “Abandoning Nuclear Energy is Possible and It Ought to Happen” (Prof. Kim Ikjung)

Japan: “The Nuclear Power and the Children of Fukushima” (Rev. Hidehito Okochi)

Korea: “The Won-Buddhism Movement for Abandoning Nuclear Energy” (Kang Haeyun)

Korea: “The Wound left by Atomic Bombs – The Life and Struggle of the
Atomic Bomb Victims”  (Jeon Eunok)


Tea or Coffee Break

(Session leader: ooo)

Special Session (Showing of a documentary film):
“The Life of 2nd and 3rd Generation Atomic Bomb Victims” (With Asia)

Session 2 : The Religion and the Peace

Jumma Solidarity Korea: “Religious Conflicts in Chittagong/Bangladesh” (Chakma Choto)

Korea:  “The Role of Women Buddhists for a warless world”  (Ok Bokyeon)


Tea or Coffee Break & Preparation of the Ceremony and Reception



Dr. Chung


Inauguration Ceremony of KNEB(Korean Network of Engaged Buddhism)

A Celebration Performance of Korean Traditional Music (for 15 minutes):
[“SoriKorea”: Park Younjoung, Jung Sooin, Choi Midum, Kim Junhurk]
1. Playing Gayageum (Ensemble with twelve strings & 25 strings)
2. Hoesimgok (回心曲) / 3. a Boatman’s Song & a Jajeun Boatman’s Song


Reception: Dinner with Buffet (vegetarian) hosted by Organizers

Friday, June 28, 2013 (the Second Day)

(with simultaneous translation from 9 to 16 o’clock)

Detailed Timing


Morning Service (In the Conference Hall)


Tea or Coffee


Session 3 : Buddhist Ethics and Life 

Korea: Buddhist Hospice Care in Korea (Rev. Neunghaeng)
Taiwan: Buddhist Hospice Care in Taiwan (Jonathan Watts)

Japan: Buddhist Mental Care and Chaplaincy (Rev. Mari Sengoku)

Japan: Suicide Prevention by Buddhist Priests (Rev. Jotetsu Nemoto)
Korea: The Suicide Problem in Korea and Buddhism 


Session 4 : The 3 Nation Peace in East Asia (to be continued) 

Taiwan : “Taiwanese & Chinese perspectives on Peace in East Asia” (?)


Lunch (snack could be prepared)


Session 4 : The 3 Nation Peace in East Asia (continued)

Japan: “Building a Pure Land without a Nuclear and Military Presence” 

 (Rev.Hidehito Okochi)

Korea : “The Role of Korean Buddhists for Peace in East Asia” (Yu Junggil) 


Discussion Forum :

Discussion about “Life and Peace in East Asia”
Discussion about a Common Declaration 


Closing Ceremony & Phototime


Preparation of the Press Conference


Press Conference: Common Declaration and others

free time

Experience of Korean Culture / Korean Buddhism


Saturday, June 29, 2013 (the Third Day)

[Case 1]   Visiting the “House of Sharing” and the “Shin-reuk”-Temple and back to Seoul :

1) The “House of Sharing” is the home for the living comfort women, who were forced into becoming sex-slaves during World War II.

2) The “Shin-reuk”-Temple is a more than 1000 yrs old temple.

3) The whole driving time for the round-trip : 3 and 1/2 hours

[Case 2]   Visiting Korean Organizations (to be organized in details)

Group 1) visiting suicide prevention and hospice work 

Group 2) visiting anti-nuclear activists and environmentalists 

Group 3) peace activities? or perhaps great Korean Buddhist culture? 

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