Peace & Reconciliation

Buddhism and
Conflict Transformation

This particular project is in the process of being prepared and is considered to be another complement and natural outgrowth of INEB’s work in collaboration with its extensive network. Several components will be integrated into the program design which will be driven by a working group called the Buddhism and Conflict Transformation Group (BCTG). The specific components identified so far are to:

  • Continue networking and build a database and online resource by gathering information from individuals and organizations connected to INEB
  • Design a practical toolkit of Buddhist inspired Conflict Transformation
  • Collaborate with national and international organizations to help bring a Buddhist perspective into aspects of conflict transformation
  • More deeply research conflict transformation through seminars offered through INEB conferences
  • Form a Buddhist Think Tank ideally connected to an existing research and academic centre


?   Programme Schedule Venue : Main Temple Ground   Inaugural Session:           9.30 am ?   Chief Guest: Ven. Geshe Lhakdor, Director, LTWA, (Library of Tibetan Works and Archives)   Ven. Geshe Lhakdor will speak on the significance and importance of...

Dhammayietra 22

Dhammayietra 22Oddar Meanchey ProvinceSamrongStarting on the 12th March 2012 at Wat Prasat Racha, Samrong TownEnding on the 18th March 2012 at Wat Kiri Mongkol O?Smach, Oddar Meanchey. ? ?We need to remember that our temple is always with us.Our temple is within...


? The Khmer and Thai People Reconciliation is a joint effort between Cambodian and Thai people who care about sustainable relationship between the two nations of Cambodia and Thailand. We aim to work together to contribute to strengthening friendly, trustfully...