Buddhist Economics

Economics for a Sustainable Planet:

A Buddhist Contribution

INEB is committed to positive social change and sustainability through using “right livelihood” approaches directly aimed at reducing greed from commercial consumerism, while simultaneously increasing awareness about the interconnected and interdependent nature of all relationships on Earth. One approach to increasing the awareness of interdependence can be built on developing meditative awareness. As the Buddha adapted his teachings to the audience, so INEB needs to develop a secular language and a secular curriculum to transmit interdependence.

          The approach INEB has designed reflects the sustainability, balance and harmony inherent in Buddhism’s Middle Path that incorporates the following steps:

  • To launch working group discussions at a highlevel  in 2018, which develop policies and an action plan for assisting local, regional and international deliberations about economic and environmental reform.
  • To prepare for an inaugural conference hosted by Bhutan and Thailand on The Global Economy for a Sustainable Planet. Middle Way secular prescriptions will be presented at the conference.
  • To establish a post-conference structure to ensue and facilitate an active and coordinated global effort.
  • To develop curriculum modules for experiential interdependence. Although some components of this are already included in the leadership training and English language training, they need to be developed more fully.

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