sulakHow do we proceed to live in a world after March 11th? It?s important to move away from globalism, competitive society, and consumerism to live in a way that we take time to be in touch with the earth, the arts, and ?connectedness?. Anyone can get in touch with these things. In our ?Creating Post 3/11? Series, we have invited ?cultural creatives? from various fields to learn how to live and how to work. At this event, we will meet Sulak Sivaraksa, who advocates of Socially Engaged Buddhism, is involved in social reform based on oriental thought, recently was awarded the prestigious 28th Niwano Peace Prize, and is an environmental and peace activist

He will be joined by Keibo Oiwa (Shinichi Tsuji), a Cultural Anthropologist teaching International Studies at Meijigakuin University in Yokohama and founder of the Sloth Club, an environmental action group. The person who introduced Sulak to Shinichi Tsuji is Helena-Norberg Hodge, producer of the recently released film The Economics of Happiness. This is a big opportunity for us to learn a model of social change focused on local culture in Thailand that brings together the young generation with people in local communities. Coinciding with this event is the publication of Sulak?s book The Wisdom of Sustainability: Buddhist economics for the 21st Century into Japanese by Shinichi Tsuji (1,000 yen plus tax, Yukkuri-do Publishers)

?Tokyo Event: July 26, 2011

18:30-20:30 (doors open at 18:00)

Kenju-in Temple

3-4-14 Ko-ishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Entrance Fee: 1,500 yen (students: 1,000 yen)

Registration: Sloth Club:

Sponsors: Kenju-in, Sloth Club, Yukkuri-do Publishers

Support: Japan Network of Engaged Buddhists (JNEB)














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