Conference Program

The conference will include five affiliated events.  A summary of the conference program is provided in Appendix 1. 1. Interfaith Awareness Youth Camp Youths from various faiths will be invited to participate in a five-day camp from October 27th to 31st...


The conference organizers share the overall goal of creating a just, peaceful, and sustainable global society.  The specific objectives of the conference are to :   Increase Buddhist-Muslim understanding and develop mechanisms for future collaboration  ...

Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace : A Buddhist Vision for Renewing Society.

The international magazine, Seeds of peace is published thrice annually in January, May and September, in order to promote the aims and objectives of the Thai Inter-Religious Commission for Development (TICD) and the Spirit in Education Movement (SEM) as well as the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB). In order to subscribe a $50/year donation is suggested. Personal checks from the UK, US, and Euro are accepted.

Title :
 Vol.33 No.2 May-August. 2560 (2017)