Action June 11: No Nuclear Power

The day marks three months after the Fukushima nuclear disaster triggered by the earthquake and tsunami. The plants are still spewing radioactive?materials. No one wants such dirty electricity harmful to human and nature.

Join us on June 11th with million-people action throughout the world and let?our voice heard.

Many citizens and groups in Japan have started organizing June 11 actions like demonstrations or parades. We need your support to spread our message and hear from as many people on Earth as possible.

Why don?t you endorse our June 11 actions?

Endorsing groups or organizations will be publicized on our website. We appreciate it if you decide to organize your own demonstrations, parades, gatherings, or anything on June 11th or 12th.

Our solidarity, if you are in Japan, in Asia, in Europe, in Americas, or anywhere in this world, will soon end this dark age of nuclear power generation.

Join us, everybody, to mobilize and let your voice heard. Act for June 11.

Our call for action on June 11 originated at joint conference of major activist groups. These are: 4/10 Koenji demonstration organizer; 4/24 Yoyogi parade and Shiba demonstration organizer(s); e-shift (?:Group for phasing out nuclear power, shifting to new energy policy,, and (?:Urgency body against Fukushima nukes ).

We call on a million people globally to act to their voice heard because Fukushima disaster has global consequences far beyond Japanese borders. People in France already started organizing for June 11 action.

Not limited to demonstrations or parades on June 11, any events/actions like lectures, movies, or public performances are all appreciated.

The action day can also be flexible. You may find Sunday, June 12, is more effective date although we call it ?June 11 One million humans action?.


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